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At Iceni we value e-mail marketing highly.  In recent years it seems to have fallen under the shadow of social media, but there is really no substitute for being able to send messages directly to your target audience or existing customer base, delivered directly, instantly and in an attention grabbing way.  Not to mention that is very cost effective versus direct mail.  E-mail marketing is still king, as far as we are concerned !  When it comes to generating an instant response and driving visitors to your website to drive leads and online sales, e-mail marketing literally delivers.

IceniMail is Iceni’s e-mail marketing platform developed to be incredibly user friendly but designed to overcome some of the significant pitfalls associated with e-mail marketing.  Many e-mail programs limit the amount of e-mails that can be sent at one time. E-mails can often fail to get through as they are seen as SPAM or unsafe. E-mail campaigns fail to mirror the branding and design of the website and lack trustworthiness. We’ve seen it all. IceniMail has been running e-mail campaigns for years and we have found that newsletters are generally more effective than frequent short run campaigns. E-mail marketing can be incredibly effective. Messages delivered directly to decision makers and influencers that you know or have expressed an interest in your business are far more likely to convert to website visits or sales enquiries than targeting a wider audience on social media. 

If you want to send effective, attention grabbing e-mail campaigns  or e-newsletters, then look no further than Iceni Mail.  We can set up Iceni Mail quickly and cost effectively, integrating seamlessly with your website and accommodating your existing e-mail database.  We can help to build customised branded templates so that you can create your campaigns quickly with minimal fuss.  The reporting suite is incredibly detailed, you can even watch people opening and reading your e-mails on a world map in real time! 

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