Social Media – Nailed!

Social media is fast becoming a vital part of a company’s communications with its customers.  No longer is it enough to provide a free phone number and an e-mail address.  Virtually all your customers, whether they are consumers or other businesses, have a social media presence, be it on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  If they are using social media then you can guarantee they expect your business to be there too.  Social Media is one of the fastest ways to communicate to a new audience and to accelerate ‘word of mouth’ referrals.  That’s something every business wants. 

In fact social media can do far more.  It can enhance your businesses trustworthiness, increase your brand recognition, generate repeat exposure, get you ahead of your competition, improve you marketing power, increase website traffic, increase your marketing authority and improve your website rankings on search engines. 

Iceni Media offers a FREE dashboard, which you can use to connect up your social media profiles and schedule all your content in one place.  You can even use to help search for the latest news and social media posts as well as inspire you to generate your own new content.

If all that just sounds like too much work, then let our dedicated team of social media experts do it all for you.  Simply sign up for our of social media content packages, complete your business profile and content briefing from within your dashboard and let us generate all the original content for you.  We’’ll even do it a week in advance to give you time to approve it all before it goes out. 

That’s social media – nailed.  Read more on our dedicated website.